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  1. Hi Edwin

    I’m currently with Rock Star Inner Circle member and recently bought a rental property from Nadeem (closed in February). Also Cherry did my wife and my taxes this year and certainly will use her next year as we now have a rental unit, as well my wife is self employed.

    I’m letting you know about Nadeem I wish to be very upfront and not create any waves. I’m always interested in real estate and keen to know more about “Hamilton” and why I might wish to look at this market. Your Hamilton webinars, blogs etc.. might help me with my next property.

    I hope this is ok for you.

    Thank you

    John MacPherson

  2. Thanks for an awesome podcast! It’s really rare to find investment information and advice for my neighbourhood. I’m getting ready to sell my home and I’ve been scouting out what’s available on (a free listing service available across Canada) and Kijiji, but it’s still hard to know what exactly I should be looking for. While I love a free listing service, podcasts like this make my searches far more informed.

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