We enjoy seeing our clients and learning about real estate so much that we formed our own community of Mr Hamilton’s friends, associates, and clients.  Our goal at these meetings is to grow as professional real estate investors, share knowledge, ask for help, and provide help to those in need.  What does it cost?  TEN dollars per meeting and it all goes to the charity Hamilton Basket Brigade which feeds families in Hamilton during the holidays.

After the meeting, we hit the road for Mr Hamilton’s Street Smart Tour where we turn theory into results and examine some real bricks and mortar investment properties.  Learn how to analyze a property like a pro in order to maximize your investment returns!!

Fill out the web form on this page to get invited to the next Mr. Hamilton’s Inner Circle meeting

There is a small catch however: our goal is to maintain a very high level of networking so we are only making THREE seats available to non-members each month so please do not wait, scroll to the bottom NOW to save your seat at the next Mr Hamilton’s Inner Circle members meeting.

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Here's what other members and very senior investors are saying about our meetings

“Erwin, I thoroughly enjoyed todays Investors Mastermind Meeting and just wanted to thank you once again for sharing your time & knowledge with your fellow investors. Your commitment to providing genuine, unbiased advice never ceases to amaze me.

Considering you make a living selling real estate you sure do spend a great deal of time giving free advice that is honest and true to the realities of investing in real estate. Thank you for doing so and for allowing me to be part of your great investor community.”

Sincere Regards,

Jeff Varcoe, Professional Property Manager and Real Estate Investor, REIN and Rock Star Member

“Hi Erwin:Good event Saturday! It’s good to be in a room of like-minded people. Your breakout sessions are good because many events don’t have focus and your mini-group structure is good because it forces the shyer people to come out of their shell. It’s actually fun to hear all the intros and stories and burning questions.

I remember Joey telling the story how he joined [an investment network] and for one year, sat in the sidelines, was shy and barely talked to anyone. It is only when you start talking, networking and asking for help, then you get some momentum toward your investing goal. I remember myself being shy, and once I got my team together, then it really got going! I am thinking your meetings could be very helpful for such people.”

Aneta Zimnicki, REIN Member and Mortgage Agent. tel: 416-301-8070, email: aneta@MyInvestmentSherpa.com, web: www.MyMortgageSherpa.com

“Hi Erwin,

Thanks for the very informative and enlightening meeting on Saturday. I debated as to whether I should go on the tour because there were things I had wanted to do in the afternoon, but it was the most educational three hours I’ve spent on real estate, since I joined REIN. Thanks again and I shared what I learned with Carmen and she’s very interested in pursuing the student rental business. We’ll be in touch.”

Carmen & Murray, REIN member


Save Your Seat


    • Thank you for the kind words! We do what we can for those who want to learn and work with us 🙂 Just fill in the above web form with your contact details and you’ll be added to the invite list!!

  1. Would love to come for the meeting and sent the request, but got a reply of reaching its max capacity. Are there still seats?



    • Sorry Ava, we started a waitlist two weeks before the actual meeting. Next time, make sure to register early and as fast as possible!

  2. I would love to attend one of your meetings. I’ve been listening to your podcasts and they are very insightful.

    Warm regards,

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