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Hey Folks, Pierre-Paul Turgeon here, Canada’s multi-family investing authority, and former insider. That’s right, I used to be a Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) multi-family underwriter, and I’m also a successful multi-family investor myself, trader and coach, in this area as well. Today, I want to tell you about my very good friend, Erwin Szeto. If you’re looking for the best realtor West of Toronto, look no further than Erwin and his team. Erwin has won a ton of awards, including Real Estate Agent of the Year. For 3 years in a row he’s received that award from the Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine (CREW). He’s won Top 40 Under 40 in the City of Hamilton. You may also know him as “Mr. Hamilton”. He also has won an award that is very dear to my heart, that’s the Michael Millenaar Leadership Award. He’s received that from REIN, the Real Estate Investment Network. And not only that, but he’s been a finalist for that award seven times in a row. It tells you what kind of guy Erwin is. Erwin is a man with great values and great work ethics and integrity. He always makes sure to give back to charity. He’s not just in it for himself, but he’s in it to improve life around him. He’s got a contagious smile as well. So, again, if you guys are looking for the best realtor West of Toronto, go with Mr. Hamilton, my good friend, Erwin Szeto. Good luck, Erwin!


If you know me then you know I don’t like to toot my own horn so I’ll let you read what my clients think…

“Erwin consistently brings his clients new and relevant information. His wealth of knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond to obtain and share this information is instrumental to the continued success of his clients. Erwin is exceptionally giving of his time and has benefited a huge number of families through his charitable work with the Hamilton Basket Brigade.”. 
– Kelly McConnell

“Erwin is not just a realtor, but also a master educator. He shares his market research and gets other professionals to share their stories and experiences. These bring immense value to the investment community. He’s certainly a role model for many of us.” 
– Stephen Tse“Erwin is very passionate about real estate and provides information to anyone who wishes it in a multitude of formats – Mr. Hamilton meetings, podcasts, and various other ways. He believes in real estate and is always searching for information to share with others. In addition, he gives back to his community through his charity, The Hamilton Basket Brigade, which feeds Hamilton families with baskets at Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.”
– Paisley M.

“I wanted to say thank you, because you have been amazing to work with. Really appreciate your pro-active approach towards everything, being on top of things and also responding to emails & text. I am letting my friends know – those who are interested in real estate that you and Erwin are ‘the people’ to go too.

Wish you success.”

Neeta K. ~ Rock Star Member


Andrew MacDonald“Over the past few years since I first met Erwin a.k.a. “Mr. Hamilton” he has been up to great things as a real estate investor. His assistance and mentoring to both new and veteran investors to help them grow their portfolios is awesome to watch.

Most importantly his local expertise in Hamilton and surrounding markets has been very helpful to me, and the referrals I’ve used from Mr. Hamilton’s Rolodex have been excellent. I’ve received a ton of value through my interactions with Erwin over the past couple of years and appreciate his help in growing my portfolio and business. I am glad to have met Erwin and to have a local area expert I can trust in Hamilton and surrounding markets.”

Andrew MacDonald ~ REIN Member, Rock Star Member, owner of Ownership Solutions


“Realtor Mr Hamilton doesn’t coast; he has both developed and maintains his expertise as a realtor working with investors who want to invest in Hamilton. Erwin has developed workshops and personal ‘tours’ as part of the services he offers to assist his clients with their ‘next step’.

While a seasoned investor and realtor himself,and one who works with other seasoned investors, Erwin is open and willing to assist new investors. He is patient and takes the time to assist a newer investor with their due diligence by answering questions and offering explanations. He does not take their questioning personally but rather understands it is part of the diligence, the learning, and the formation of the trusting relationship required between investor and realtor. I am just starting to get to know Erwin as a client and I appreciate this about him; and, that the relationship doesn’t start and stop with the transaction of the piece of real estate. He and his team are there to support along the way-before and after. He is willing to share people and contacts.

He seeks to understand his client’s goals/needs and how this relates to real estate investment strategy. I appreciate his honesty and his warm and easy going manner.

I believe Erwin – in going above and beyond what is required of a realtor, in the spirit of ‘giving back’ or ‘paying it forward’, and in the professional, honest, and genial manner with which he carries himself – is well deserving of the REIN realtor award.”

Heather B ~ REIN Member


Rock Star Life in Venice

Rock Star Life in Venice

“Without hesitation, I would recommend Erwin to anyone who is interested in investing in Hamilton. Erwin is much more than a real estate agent, he is an expert in investing in real estate. I consider him a coach and a mentor and trust him and his opinions on any real estate related matter. His connections, colleagues and his the Mr. Hamilton team are second to none. As of yesterday, Erwin has expertly guided me through every step of my purchases of 2 rent to owns, and one student rental (yesterdays deal!!). As a new investor, he took the fear out of every aspect from offer, to purchase, to small construction, to filling the properties. I will continue to use Erwin throughout my investing life and consider him one of my most valuable relationships. He’s also a great guy which helps tremendously!”

Ryan Hindmarsh ~ Rock Star VIP Member


“Thank you so much for your great help, support and advice everytime! I am very proud of myself because I have you in my investment team”

Hwi Young Kim ~ REIN and Rock Star Member


“You deserve the kind words, we have dealt with a lot of agents over the years and are happy to refer the very few that go above and beyond.”

Kevin and Erik Mitchell of Direct Real Estate Investors ~ Gold Award REIN members


Pic“Erwin has been an essential part of my investing team.  His in-depth knowledge of the Hamilton area real estate market is second to none, which ensures that any property he recommends is a winner. I have worked with Erwin and his team on 4 deals so far and look forward to many more to come.”

James Magss ~ REIN and VIP Rock Star member, Mr Hamilton 2012 Investor of the Year



Vacationing in Boston

Vacationing in Boston

“If I haven’t said it enough, then allow me to say it again.  I really, really appreciate all the hard work, time and passion you’ve put into helping me with this real estate endeavour.  Honestly, without the two of you, I don’t know what I would have done. I’m ecstatic in knowing that I have the both of you in my corner.”


“I wanted to say “THANKS” to all of you as I’ve hit a special milestone this month: Since April, 2011, I’ve collected $200,000 in rent across my portfolio of properties. I couldn’t have done it without you!  Here’s looking to hitting half a million over the next few years! You’re the best!

John Roumanis ~ REIN member


292877_10152225692320357_752505825_n“This is awesome Erwin!

I’m very thankful and appreciative to have you (and Maria) bringing me these deals and doing ALL the things from start to finish that goes into ensuring these deals get done!! Believe me, I do not take for granted the tremendous knowledge and service you two provide, and I have all the confidence in the world to continue adding more properties. Keep bringing me more! =)”

Justin B Chung ~ Silver REIN Member, REIN Top Player 2012, CRE JV Award 2012


“Thank you so much I know Kiraleah and I would never have found this house if you had not of twisted my arm to look at a town house… so really thank you it has and will change our lives for the better and best of all Kiraleah and I really like the house for different reasons and of course my girls (the cats) will love the garden. so many thanks and do come in late spring for a bbq.”

Tammie ~ Rent to own tenant/buyer


“You’re not like other Realtors, I’ve never trusted my Toronto Realtors nor used their referrals but you are the exception.”

Jenn C. ~ future Hamiltonian and multi family investor


“I must admit, we are feeling more and more like Rock Stars and it really helps when you have a good team! We have a great Realtor and we are working on the rest of our team!!!”

Diane and Tania ~ Rock Star Investors, Bronze Award REIN members, Rock Star members


Here’s a note sent to my brokers Tom and Nick Karadza or Rock Star Real Estate

“Dear Nick and Tom,
I would like to comment on my recent purchase experience with Erwin Szeto.  Erwin has been knowledgeable, patient, thorough, well organized, and prompt throughout the entire process.  He was also all of these things in addressing my many questions as a novice investor.  Above all, it is clear that he is a consummate professional in what he does.  I will not hesitate to refer other serious investors to him, and I am looking forward to getting the next deal completed with Erwin very soon.”

Andy and Tsukasa Tran ~ Rock Star Investor, REIN Member, Certified Home Inspector



“I want to thank you for taking us out to see the properties. It was very informative, and I have gained some valuable perspective and insider knowledge from the investor side of the market. Thank you and I look forward to meeting with you again soon!”

Sarah Fong ~ Senior Market Analyst, Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC)



Thank you, Erwin. And as I have witnessed of you… you are here to truly make a difference. Your business and your life is obviously not transactional it is relational.
The world needs more Erwins.



  1. Dear Mr. Hamilton:

    I am in my mid-20’s and have decided to purchase my first investment property (2nd home). I have been looking at real estate in Hamilton for the past 18 months and have narrowed my search down to a couple neighbourhoods and property types. I am looking for something with very good positive cash flow and also appreciation. Price range is 150 – 250K.

    What do you think about the Bayfront vs. Strathcona vs. Central areas?

    Would you be more focused on property with a large lot in Strathcona or a smaller lot with a good location in Bayfront?

    I understand that these are many factors involved in the decision, but I would appreciate some of your insight.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Daniel, that’s awesome that you’re starting out so early! I have a small handful of clients in their 20’s and I’m so proud of them all. I live in Strathcona and it might be difficult to find something in that range. Bayfront is great but prices are going up fast. Central if close to downtown can work great, there are a lot of 20 somethings who want to be near downtown so they can walk to work e.g. Corktown which is shedding its image of being a tough neighbourhood. Go check it out, you’ll see a couple developments in the area.

      Hope that helps! write back if you have more questions.

  2. Hello

    I would like to go to the next meeting maybe, but either way I am selling a condo in Toronto and want to buy a duplex and triplex in Hamilton. Looking to get something possibly dilapidated and immediately fix it up. Do you have contractors that you work with? Might do unit by unit or entire place. Also want property management to manage it possibly as even though I live in Hamilton but I work 12 hour shifts


    • Sounds good! It’s a tough go in the multi-family market and has been the last two years. Focus on legal non-conforming or what you can convert to legal. Challenge with the later is the process is long and expensive to make legal conversions and that’s why you don’t see much that is truly legal. Come to one of our meetings and we can discuss other strategies that offer cash flowing returns.


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