We'll make a successful investor out of you

For years Erwin Szeto, along with his team, have been working hand-in-hand with real estate investors from all over Ontario to invest in St. Catharines real estate and its surrounding areas.

What started with a couple investments has grown into hundreds of residential investment properties worth tens of millions to our clients.

The scale seems crazy to think about.

So when we get asked about what it’s like to work with the us it can be hard to explain because there are so many facets.

The most important thing to know is that we lead a group of active, successful investors working and learning together to help one another.

Our work philosophy is to learn from best practices and share them with our clients to shorten the learning curve and expedite their own investment success.

We’ll make a successful investor out of you.

If you think you can benefit from working with award-winning real estate professionals who are on the street implementing investing tactics every single day with an extensive track record of producing successful coaching clients then you NEED to check us out.  Join us at our next Mr. Hamilton Inner Circle Meeting by clicking here or contact us if you would like to discuss how we can best help one another.

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Check out the most recent blog posts from Erwin Szeto, focusing on topics about real estate, finance and community-building in the Hamilton and surrounding areas.

The GTA is a Gold Mine for Equity Investors

Greetings, Hamilton Real Estate Investor! How are you involving you kids in your real estate? There’s that whole stigma around the words “child labour” In our household I prefer child co-op hahaha. This past Saturday at Cherry and I’s IWIN Real Estate meetup I had our kids arrange tables and chairs in the room and…


Navigating Short-Term Rental Investing in the GTA

Anyone else glad the kids are back to school? I know Cherry, and I are… well, sort of.  Cherry is in Florida for a girls’ trip, so my schedule is still messed up while solo parenting, lol. I can’t believe the summer is already over, we went hard to enjoy our first normal summer in…


How to Begin House Hacking in The GTA

Hello, everyone investing in Hamilton real estate! I trust you’re enjoying the final week of summer! I read an article recently that stated that at least 100 people turned up for a house viewing in Dublin. That’s the stark reality of the renting crisis these days.  Rental supply is critically low here and even worse…


Managing Cash Flow and Risk in the GTA

Hello Hamilton Real Estate Investors! Do you remember that movie – The 6th Sense – where the little kids say to Bruce Willis, “I see dead people?”  I’m not gifted like that, but I do see risk everywhere, LOL My last corporate job was for seven years at that mega computer technology company called “big…


Understanding the Basics of Buy-and-Hold Real Estate Investing

Hello, Everyone Investing in Hamilton real estate!!  I trust you’re enjoying your summer, and if you’re not out there looking for deals, you’re enjoying your time with those who matter to you and making memories.  Speaking of making memories, we have our kids learning all sorts of life skills: English and Math tutoring (yup, we’re…


Advantages of Investing in Multi-Family Real Estate in the GTA

Why are amateur real estate investors so keen on condos?  I get how they’re easy, and I agree they’re great for their simplicity for those with stable and high incomes. But how would one ever scale a portfolio of condos without constantly scaling their job income? While paying more in income tax, the higher one’s…


Do you live in the Halton Region
but you want to invest in Hamilton?

The Halton Real Estate Investors Group Meetings are a gathering of our community of friends, associates and clients. The goal of each of these meetings is to grow professionally as real estate investors, and create an environment that openly shares knowledge and provides help. Each meeting is followed by a Halton REI Street Smart Tour, where we hit the road and turn theory into results by examining real investment properties.

Mr. Hamilton Webinars

We share our best, most fundamentally sound real estate investing strategies in these webinars. Whether you are new to real estate investing or Hamilton, interested in improving upon your existing portfolio, or just want to stay on top of the Hamilton market, you’ll no doubt find our webinars an invaluable resource.


“Mr. Hamilton doesn’t coast; he has both developed and maintains his expertise as a realtor working with investors who want to invest in Hamilton. Erwin has developed workshops and personal tours as part of the services he offers to assist his clients with their next step”


 Andrew McDonald, REIN Member

“I wanted to say thank you because you have been amazing to work with. Really appreciate your proactive approach towards everything, being on top of things, and also responding to emails & texts. I am letting my friends know those who are interested in real estate that you and Erwin are the people to go to.”

 Neeta K., Rock Star Real Estate Member