1. Was just told about your website and business through my chiropractor today and glad we talked. I am a property owner in the Locke street area and always looking for more knowledge and ultimately more properties. Would love to pick your brain on growing as an investor who’s in his twenties without the most cash flow but the time and skills to work at it. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Louis,

      Very cool! Email my assistant Maria(at)mrhamilton.ca and she’ll set something up. Note, I’m really really busy but I do like to take lunch and can be more available should that lunch be free 😉


  2. Hi Riley,

    I may be able to assist you. Contact my assistant Maria(at)mrhamilton.ca and she’ll set something up.


  3. Good morning,

    I have been considering investing in Hamilton. I have several properties and regularly read Don Campbell’s blog and his research reports. Needless to say, I am a serious investor. I am out of town (Ottawa) and would like to get a feel for current cash flow properties (i.e. condos, towns, multis) on the market in Hamilton.

    Could you give me an example of previous or potential transactions that demonstrate cash flow. Looking for the best area (i.e. Go Train, regentrification) and tenants perhaps to be students or professionals.

    Your assistance would be appreciated.


    • Hi Mark, I’ve had quite a number of folks from Ottawa contact me looking to invest in Hamilton. All REIN members but I think the distance has proven to be a problem for them… hopefully you will be the one to break the trend. Best area means different things to different investors based on your financial resources, target tenant profile, goals, etc.. Hence a neighbourhood with Go Train plans with student or professionals doesn’t exist.

      Have a drive around the neighbhoods of West Harbour and Stoney Creek (planned Go locations) and you’ll see for yourself those neighbourhoods are no where near a post secondary school or nice enough where pros want to live.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Hi,
    I am looking all over for a good place to invest in income properties. I am from Calgary. I don’t know much about Hamilton but have heard many articles saying it is a place that is due to rebound. I also don’t know whether to try to get cashflow thru SFH/townhouses, multiplexes or Student rentals.

    I currently own a student rental in Windsor and it is rented year round and managed by a property manager. I pay the utilities and charge rent to the group of students and get $350/room. Is something like this viable in Hamilton? Can it stay rented over the summer (possibly at a slight discount) or do you like other types of investments more?

    Please email me and if it’s easier we can chat over the phone. Thanks

    • Hi Vince!

      I was just in Calgary 🙂 no investment properties available out there?

      Cashflow in Hamilton is best achieve via student rentals as multis have been bid up by the frenzy of investors from the GTA.

      Our prices for student housing I’m confident are much more than windsor since this is Hamilton.

      Student rentals can absolutely stay rented over the summer once a property is up and running. Anyone who tells you different have A) a poor condition property B) don’t know how to market a rental.

      Hope that helps!

      • i believe rent is anywhere from 450-550 utilities included depending on location and Quality/// which is based of the Mac student rental site aswell as personal knowledge that Guelph(which is about 45 minutes north of Hamilton) is around the 540-650 (utilities included) with 650 being essentially on campus (east towns run by the University) which is what rents would have to compete with.

  5. Hi Erwin.

    Just wondering what you think about the upcoming discussion in Hamilton Council on September 18th around rental licensing. Are you participating in anything my partner and I could join to work against passing any such legislation? We have contacted our city Councillor and will be meeting with him to discuss his position and to let him know where we stand. Please let your Hamilton investors know that this could add an as yet unknown initial fee and an additional $461 per unit per year if the follow suit with Windsor (another city in the top 4 cities to invest in Canada). I suspect they’d like to cash in on the coming real estate boom. In the off chance that you’ve missed it the article is at The Spec (http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/784775–rental-licensing-battle-looms).
    Hope all is well.


    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the article! I posted the link last week to my FB and twitter. I’ll definitely be in attendance. At this point, I don’t have a full understanding of what is being proposed but will be keeping you and all my readers updated with what I learn.

      My thoughts are the same as Augie’s in the city is not doing enough to create affordable housing. 90% of the multi-family properties I see do not conform to zoning let alone ESA, OBC, Fire Code, etc… and the city is fooling themselves if they think they can shut down all the owners. Tenants vote too and they’ll feel the pain of licensing as well. It’s not like they can continue to live in a unit while it gets reno’d for firecode or electrical updates.

      I would like to see the city soften their zoning requirements if the property is already a multi and conforms to ESA and fire code (or will conform in the near future).

      thanks again,

  6. Hi Erwin

    I hail from Oakville and am a professional mom :). Seriously, I am a REIN member since April 2012 and very interested in buying my first property in Hamilton, either a single family or a duplex. My goal is to have a minimum of 3 properties in the next 2 years. I love you blogs, funny and informative. Hope to do business with you! Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Elena,

      I’ll be at the REIN meeting on Thursday. Please come by and say hi. I’ll be the one in the Hamilton Tiger Cats jersey 🙂


  7. Hi Erwin, I currently own a couple student rentals in Waterloo and I’m very interested in getting into the Hamilton market. I don’t have a realtor and would like to work with you guys in getting listing information, recommendations etc…Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Hi Tony,

      If you like Waterloo for student investing, you’ll appreciate our less expensive price per bedroom here in Hamilton. Email my assistant Maria (at) mrhamilton.ca and she’ll start the process.


  8. Hi
    I am interested in investing in Hamilton.
    I have been reading a lot on the internet and was impressed by your video.
    I am looking to spend up to a million for my first investment there and that could be in a number of triplexes or one large building with many units.
    I will be looking for the strongest up and coming area in Hamilton.
    The number I am hoping for on my return of investment per year would be 10% and
    I will also be weighing that up against the actual land value appreciation.
    Thanks for your time

  9. Hello
    I would like to become a member of the Mr.Hamilton investing group to help educate as well offer my Home Staging services to many of the Hamilton investors within tbe group. My company is located in Burlington. My company is Blissfully Designed Home Staging. We have been helping home sellers and Real Estate Investors get the highest ROI in the quickest amount of time for 4 years.
    Our average DOM are 14-36 days. Please advise of your upcoming events and if possible add me to your email list.

    Thank you and kind regards
    Tristan Bliss

    • Hi Arvin, drop me an email at erwin at mrhamilton.ca and we’ll setup a time for a call. Give me 2-3 times that work next week.


  10. Was very impressed with your website and to your approach. I have been in business for 33 years in the auto business and want to invest in Real Estate. I am not a REIN member at present but plan to attend the next meeting in Toronto and join up.
    If you have the time, I would love to meet you or chat with you on the phone.
    Want to be involved in JV projects and buy properties.

    • Hi Roger! Cool business you have! I just so happen to have a car too, hopefully we can trade tips 🙂

      Send me an email to erwin at mrhamilton.ca with 2-3 times for a phone call next week and we’ll chat.


  11. i have a triplex downtown but am intrested in some thing like a 6plex im looking to spend up to $700000 in a decent area where would u recomend and is there any seminars that u are haveing soon that i could go to thx

  12. Hi Erwin,

    Was going through the Rein site looking for a student rental lease and read a thread between yourself and another Rein member saying you had a good rental lease that you could give her. Was wondering if I could also have a copy of it.

    Just recently renovated my rental property downtown for the coming Mac students at the new med center they are building.



  13. Hi Erwin, it’s funny, yesterday somebody recommended a podcast Mr.Hamilton on REIN meeting, and today when researching this podcast I found than I sit on the same table yesterday with Mr.Hamilton 🙂

  14. Hello Erwin
    I’m a Hamilton resident with an invertment property in my own home and would love to learn more about real estate investing. I attended the Keyspire 3 day workshop earlier this year and shyed away from the large investment to become a member and was also uncertainty of what that investment would get me in term of training skills after reading some various blogs and comments. I would like to build on the investment I have but would like to be part of a group before I purchase my next property and hopefully start building a portfolio. I would really like to know more about your group and if its right for me.
    Thank you

    • Hi Rob,

      Sounds good! It’s not a bad idea to shop around, even for education as we are lucky to live in a time where there are a few options at various price ranges. I’ll have my assistant reach out to you.


  15. Hello Erwin
    I was in Hamilton last summer to buy a single family or a duplex as rentals. But I found myself in the middle of a crazy bidding war, my knowledge of the market was limited and my time too was a bit limited so I was not able to buy and I had to leave.

    I still have my eyes on the Hamilton market and might be wanting to go back for another try but I was wondering if it’s still worth buying there as the prices have skyrocketed in the last few years and in the meantime new mortgage rules were introduced. I would be interested in cash flow or breaking even but my long term priority would be price appreciation and like I said I was wondering if the prices will keep going up.

    I was also thinking about Calgary with the possibility of rebound after the economy recovers but I’m having a hard time comparing Hamilton to Calgary for the long term of about ten years and which could perform better on average from now till after ten years on a ten year compounded average return.

    What I’m thinking is Calgary is now flat but in 1 or 2 years it should start to rebound and maybe after that for 7 to 8 years it could have over 5 or 6% annual appreciation.
    And as for Hamilton I’m thinking it could appreciate in 2017 for maybe about 10% but after that it might start to appreciate less and less as they say it is already overvalued.

    So doing the math and comparing for ten years seems very hard for me. What do you think? Calgary Or Hamilton? And if You think Hamilton will be strong for the long term when do you think I should try again and buy before the bidding wars start again I mean February, March or April?

    One last question if you don’t mind. I noticed in your website you do joint ventures. Do you work for non joint venture clients as well or it’s only joint ventures?

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