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Operating a business of real estate investments is all about team and servicing our clients is no different – we do it as a team. The Mr. Hamilton Team is made up with active, successful real estate investors and we want and coach our clients to have the same success.  The team’s list of awards recognize how Erwin and team do more for others than anyone else does. They create more value. Do more, give more, be more, serve more. That is their philosophy in all they do.

Koukun Unosawa, Sales Representative

Koukun has been investing in Real Estate since 2013. He has invested in Rent-to-Own’s, single family rentals, duplex rentals, and student rentals. Currently, his portfolio consists of 6 properties. Four of these are with Joint Venture Partners, which he is actively trying to grow, with a focus on both smaller multi-unit properties (2,3,4 units) as well as student rentals. His longer term goal is to be able to invest in larger multi-family apartment buildings (100+ units). He currently manages all of his own properties, with the help of his business partner. As a result, he can help you with first hand knowledge on how to find good cashflowing investment properties, and how to manage either the property or the property manager to maximize cashflow and find good quality tenants.

When Koukun is not working he spends his time with his faith group, especially helping organize activities for the youth in his community. Last year he had the opportunity to take a life-changing 70 day long trip to Korea which was paid for by his real estate investments.


Meaghan Robidas, Administrative Manager


Meaghan has several years of management experience in the construction industry and is responsible for Communications and Administration within the Mr. Hamilton Team.  She is effectively our Chief Operating Officer. When Meaghan is not working, she enjoys her season tickets to the Toronto Rock Lacrosse team and spending a lot of time in nature with her American Eskimo dog Ellie and her film camera (no digital for this girl, she has a dark room in her basement!!).

Tim Hong, Sales Representative and Mr Hamilton Inner Circle Coach

1240562_10153304640080179_1317063009_nTim has been investing since 2005, helped 100’s of investors acquire investment properties and he recently wrapped up the sale of a six unit apartment building across from Gage Park in Hamilton.  Tim has personally invested in Hamilton, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo in rent-to-owns, student rentals and apartment buildings.  Tim was also a recent guest on Roger’s TV as an expert on rent-to-own.  Tim enjoys focusing on helping investors with different real estate strategies, crunching numbers, finding good cash flowing properties and protecting them from bad investments.  When Tim is not working, he enjoys practicing martial arts, and spending time with his wife, young family and golden retriever named Chance.

James Maggs, Sales Representative and Mr Hamilton Inner Circle Coach

JamesJames is veteran investor, Hamiltonian since 2005, REIN member since 201,1 and REIN Silver award winner.  James has personally invested in rent-to-owns (tenant first, property first, reverse rental), multi-family and student housing all in Hamilton and St Catharines! Prior to becoming a Realtor, James’ 11 years of corporate world experience involved managing multi-million dollar sized projects for some of Canada’s largest financial institutions for one of Canada’s largest telecom companies.  Very complicated, expensive stuff which has James well prepared to teach and operate a business of investment real estate. When James is not working on real estate, he enjoys reading; spending time with his wife, daughter, dogs and cat; working our four times per week; vacationing at his condo in Costa Rica (paid for by his real estate) and drinking lots and lots of coffee.

In the community, James is on the Board of Directors for the registered charity the and donates thousands each year in support, and together with his family, packs and delivers holiday dinner care packages for the least fortunate families in Hamilton.

Erika Spencer, Sales Representative and Mr. Hamilton Inner Circle Coach

img_0845Erika has been investing since 2014 and has personally invested in Hamilton, St Catharines and Niagara Falls in Rent-To-Owns and single family homes. Currently, her real estate portfolio consists of 16 homes with a recent focus on adding secondary suites to maximize cashflow.  Erika’s success let to her being nominated as Rising Star of the Year by the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.  Prior to becoming a Realtor, Erika’s corporate world experience involved working as a biologist at an engineering firm where she worked on project management, environmental assessments and negotiating permits for various types of development.  Erika enjoys focusing on helping investors to find great deals on good cash-flowing properties and selecting good quality tenants to fill properties.

When Erika is not working, she enjoys fun family adventures with her 5 year old daughter and husband, drinking fine (or cheap!) wine, travelling anywhere and everywhere and she’s always on the hunt for great properties at good deals!

Erwin Szeto, Sales Representative aka Mr. Hamilton and Team Leader


I quit my tech product management job at “Big Blue” back in 2010. It was a great job, my boss gave me plenty of space to operate, I was allowed to be creative, my work was respected but I was getting sick of the commute and I was making more money in real estate than at work and I was enjoying the freedom it was providing me.  Since 2006, I had been dabbling in real estate investing to get ahead in life as my stock investments (my portfolio was slaughtered in 2007-8) and job income just were not doing it whereas my real estate portfolio performed extremely well during the worst recession since the Great Depression.  I started networking, joined some organized networking/education companies and learned how to make real estate a predictable, repeatable business to provide me income in my sleep.

While transitioning out of corporate and because I could not find a real estate agent who was a sophisticated investors who understood cash flow investing, I got licensed in real estate, my friends found out and wanted in. Combined hard work and having a Business degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario has resulted in some tangible for our clients and in our community based on the awards and recognition me and my team have received.

To give back to the community, I co-founded and am President of the, a Canadian registered charity that has to date, provided 1,500 holiday dinners to under privileged families in Hamilton.

Awards and Accomplishments:

  • Three time finalist & 2015 WINNER for Realtor of the Year for Ontario by the Real Estate Investment Network
  • Three time finalist and back to back winner in 2016 and 2017  for Real Estate Agent of the Year by Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine
  • Five time finalist for the Michael Millenaar Memorial Award, 2013 and 2016 winner for his leadership and contribution to the Real Estate Investment Network community.
  • 2016 Top 40 Under 40 Business Achievement Award. Erwin is one of the 40 individuals are under 40 years of age who consistently makes his mark in business and contributes regularly to the respective community as awarded by the Business Link Media Group
  • Silver award recipient by the Real Estate Investment Network
  • 2013’s Top Player Award by the Real Estate Investment Network
  • Regular contributor to REIN™ Real Estate Report and Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine
  • Regular expert guest host on Rogers TV on the subjects of Hamilton, real estate investing, rent-to-own, student rentals:

2015 Realtor of the Year

2015 Realtor of the Year



I am the leader of the Mr. Hamilton Team, a team of savvy investing professionals who are all active investors themselves.  When I’m not working, I lead an active lifestyle which includes Crossfit, Brazilian jiu jitsu, extreme obstacle races, sports and the occasional extreme activity to push limits. How extreme? So extreme, I caught the eye of the Globe and Mail below (For full article click here)

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.53.17 AM

Here he is his falling off the tallest bungee jump in the world located in Macau, China:

And here’s a more domestic example with Erwin lifting 425 pounds:

Cherry Chan, CA, Broker

Cherry gunCherry is an active real estate investor who owns several investment properties across Toronto, St. Catharines, Hamilton and Brantford. She immigrated to Canada at the age of 16 barely able to speak English yet she overcame adversity and graduated with a Masters in Accounting from the University Waterloo and UFE (exit exam for all Accountants) honour roll student scoring in the top 50 in all of Canada, top 10 in Ontario, and was the first and only honouree in her firm’s history. In 2012, Cherry left her management position at Canada’s largest food distributor to pursue a career and life in her passion which is real estate. Cherry’s current focus is building her Accounting practice specializing on real estate investors and small/medium sized businesses.




Happy Hamilton Investing Everyone! Cheers to your Personal Belize!!

Mr. Hamilton Team

Your Personal Belize Awaits You!!


  1. Hi Erwin.

    Got you mesage on the Rein forum about my question. Thanks for the info. Everything helps. I am even going to try and make your meeting on the 28th seeing as it is down the road from where I live. And now, after being at a REIN meeting, I know who you are.

    Thanks Jay

    • Hi Jay,

      Awesome, happy to help! The Hamilton investor meeting is a great place to network with some serious action takers, mostly REIN members (no surprise there really).

      See you on the 28th!

      All the best,

  2. Hey Erwin,

    It was fun working with you yesterday. Maybe we can make it a seasonal thing? Seasonal photo updates! There’s a novel idea!

    Good luck with your site and business.


  3. Hi Erwin,

    Good Stuff, REIN & Rock Star,

    Hamilton is very exciting and will be the engine for many to reach their Personal Belize…

    Looking for a team member who specializes in Real Estate Investing, Hamilton 🙂

    Look forward to meeting @ next REIN meeting or sooner perhaps at a Hamilton Investor meeting?

    If you could get back to me that would be great,


    • Hi Clint!

      Just look for the raving Hamilton (TiCat) fan and you will find me or if you would like setup a call and book an educational tour of Hamilton please drop me an email and we can set something up. erwin(at)

  4. Hi Erwin, was wondering if you could spare some time. I am interested in investing in Hamilton and would like your opinion on how and where I should get started. Your website is a wealth of info for a beginner investor. Thanks

    • Hey Mike,

      Thank you for the kind words! My website is basically what I want to read as a Hamilton investor and your comment only fuels me to keep writing about what us investors care about. Drop me an email at erwin (at) and I can answer your question and/or setup a call to discuss.


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