To sell your house the traditional way you have to:

  1. Place a For Sale sign in your front lawn for all the nosy neighbours to see
  2. Be ready for strangers to come into your house on short notice
  3. De-clutter, clean and organize every room
  4. Make repairs and renovate like on HGTV
  5. Depersonalize the whole property, hide your personal items and maybe rent storage to do so

But wait! There is an alternative!!

You can sell your house quickly, quietly, and at a discounted Realtor fee

We at Mr. Hamilton represent over 75 pre-qualified real estate investors who want houses like yours and the great thing about investors is that all they want is a functioning home with no major repairs so don’t worry about keeping the whole house spotless for weeks, or spending tens of thousands of dollars updating your kitchen or picking up after the kids.  The best part is you can SAVE MONEY by making fewer mortgage payments by selling faster and you can save THOUSANDS on Real Estate Commissions.  If we can’t sell your property, we will list your house for sale the traditional way at the same discounted Realtor fee so you have nothing to lose.

WARNING: Immediate Response Required

We can only work with five Quickly-Quietly Sellers at any given time. In order for you to become one of our Quickly-Quietly Sellers, you must respond immediately. Our Quickly-Quietly Sellers are accepted on a First- Come, First-Served Basis.

Email me today for your FREE listings of houses sold in your neighbourhood

You will be amazed at how much time and money your neighbours could have saved!


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Phone: 289.288.5019

Not intended to solicit properties already under contract

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